There are more and more foreign people connecting to this blog. Mainly from the USA and the UK. It's possible, with the IP addresses of the visitors, to know the geographic origin of the connections.
Are the blog's readers american, english, or french living in those countries? I can't know. I don't have at home the equipment of the NSA or the CGHQ.
There is also an important english community settled in lower Normandy and particularly in the district of Avranches and Mortain.

This blog can be read in english version with one of the Google's tools :
"Google breaks the language barrier with this translation feature. Using machine translation technology, Google now gives you the ability to access web pages in languages other than your own. Currently, Google offers the following translation pairs: English to and from Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese; and German to and from French."

The translation is not always correct. Words translated are sometimes weird. But the sentence can be understood.

To link to the blog as an engish version. You can find it on the band to the left of the blog.

If this blog can help anybody interested in the general (legislative) elections to understand what's happening in this district ...
For example a lot of meetings will be run for the legislative elections through the district by all the parties. During the meeting, it's possible to talk to the candidate if you have something to discuss (problems, experience, ideas, ...) even if you can't vote.  The meetings are free. They are announced in this blog.

More information about the french political parties in France : wikipedia

PS : sorry for my bad english